Coming Soon

Coming Soon

I’ve always got something in the works! Here’s what’s in the pipeline.

The World of Rairlothe

This series has been a special project of mine for over 10 years. This 3-part novel series chronicles the lives of three sisters gifted with a centuries-old prophecy to fulfill. Their magic, love and strife will shape an entire world.

Book 1: Ablaze
Book 2: The Taming
Book 3: Windswept

The Rairlothe world isn’t limited to the sisters from Fedelis; I have two fantasy short stories that is very reminiscent of D&D. The first features an unlikely party of fighters coming together against all odds — and I mean ALL odds — to fight a common enemy. They all have issues, but then again who doesn’t?

Short story: The Conquest

The second story is about a banished dark priestess that has to find her way in a world that hates everything she stands for. She is lost in an unfamiliar world and her very base urges will not be denied. She is bound to get into a boat-load of trouble as a result…

Short story: Burning Bridges

More stories from the world of Rairlothe will be coming very soon! I’m excited to have my first novels released.

Tokyo Shorts

Each trip to Tokyo brings back several stories that I’ve written while there. There’s something about Tokyo that gets the creative juices flowing. I’ve got a trip coming very soon, but I can’t tell you what will come from it! Call it a nice surprise..