Coming Soon

Coming Soon

I’ve always got some­thing in the works! Here’s what’s in the pipeline.

The World of Rairlothe

This series has been a spe­cial project of mine for over 10 years. This 3-part novel series chron­i­cles the lives of three sis­ters gifted with a centuries-old prophecy to ful­fill. Their magic, love and strife will shape an entire world.

Book 1: Ablaze
Book 2: The Tam­ing
Book 3: Windswept

The Rair­lothe world isn’t lim­ited to the sis­ters from Fedelis; I have two fan­tasy short sto­ries that is very rem­i­nis­cent of D&D. The first fea­tures an unlikely party of fight­ers com­ing together against all odds — and I mean ALL odds — to fight a com­mon enemy. They all have issues, but then again who doesn’t?

Short story: The Conquest

The sec­ond story is about a ban­ished dark priest­ess that has to find her way in a world that hates every­thing she stands for. She is lost in an unfa­mil­iar world and her very base urges will not be denied. She is bound to get into a boat-load of trou­ble as a result…

Short story: Burn­ing Bridges

More sto­ries from the world of Rair­lothe will be com­ing very soon! I’m excited to have my first nov­els released.

Tokyo Shorts

Each trip to Tokyo brings back sev­eral sto­ries that I’ve writ­ten while there. There’s some­thing about Tokyo that gets the cre­ative juices flow­ing. I’ve got a trip com­ing very soon, but I can’t tell you what will come from it! Call it a nice surprise..